Problem installing polymake with Jupyter

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Problem installing polymake with Jupyter

Postby luis.torres » 24 May 2024, 00:14


I am using polymake 4.10 on a machine with Fedora 38. I installed both polymake and jupyter-notebook with the DNF package manager. Then I have tried to follow the installation instructions given in But when I run the command polymake --script jupyter I get the following error message:

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polymake: WARNING: created private directory /home/luismiguel/.polymake This function installs the jupyter-polymake kernel and the python libpolymake interface JuPyMake for the current user (into ~/.local). You need to have a running version of the jupyter notebook for python3 installed. Are you sure you want to continue with the installation? [y/N] y polymake: ERROR: Installation failed, please check the output: cp: cannot stat '/usr/share/polymake/resources/jupyter-polymake': No such file or directory
Could you please tell me what could be the problem here?

- Luis

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Re: Problem installing polymake with Jupyter

Postby blorenz » 24 May 2024, 08:15

The files for the jupyter interface were removed from the polymake package on fedora since it is available as a separate package: python3-jupyter-polymake
Please try installing this package instead of using the jupyter script.


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