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Converting Inequalities in strings into array format

Posted: 11 Mar 2023, 18:29
by rii
Hi everyone,

I have a system of inequalities and equations in the string format (Eg: 2 x1 + x2 = 4) and I have collected this in an CPLEX LP, from which I generate the polytope and obtain the vertices for my work. There are 38 of equations and 64 Inequalities

Now, I know that the Inequalities I have are the Facets (so I do not want redundency checks) but as far as I know, I cannot describe that to polymake when I generate the polytope from lp using lp2poly.
Either I need a method to convert the Inequalities and Equations into the coordinate format array used by polymake, so that I can use FACETS and AFFINE_HULL options to generate the polytope and get the vertices in less time.

Are there any features in polymake which do this? Or has anybody written some scripts to convert the same.