polymake 3.5 released

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polymake 3.5 released

Postby joswig » 29 Aug 2019, 10:32

This is to announce the release of polymake 3.5. Highlights include the following:

Thanks to Lars' effort there is new big object type HyperplaneArrangement in application fan. Its key algorithm allows to compute the induced cell decomposition of the surrounding Euclidean space.

Moreover, there are now slack matrices and slack ideals for studying realization spaces of polytopes (cf. Gouveia et al., https://arxiv.org/abs/1708.04739).

Once again the bulk of the changes are technical in nature, most of which will become useful for many users with the next release 4.0 (due in October). The most important change will be the move to a JSON based file format. This is a major change, which will be reflected in the version number. Don't worry about your data; they will make the transition smoothly.

The Julia interface Polymake.jl has been upraded accordingly.

Happy polymaking!

Michael Joswig and the polymake team

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