Computing secondary fans

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Computing secondary fans

Postby ren » 09 Mar 2020, 11:34

Can somebody please explain to me how to compute the secondary fan of [0,3]x[0,3] (i.e., the moduli space of tropical plane curves of bidegree (3,3))?

The following code only produces an empty fan for me:

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$M33 = new Matrix([[0,0],[1,0],[2,0],[3,0], [0,1],[1,1],[2,1],[3,1], [0,2],[1,2],[2,2],[3,2], [0,3],[1,3],[2,3],[3,3]]); $VC33 = new VectorConfiguration(VECTORS=>$M33); application "fan"; $SF33 = secondary_fan($VC33);
Also any hint on how to specify symmetries on the point configuration is greatly appreciated (I am trying to reproduce the number 5941 in

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