polymake 3.6 released

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polymake 3.6 released

Postby joswig » 19 Nov 2019, 14:49

This is to announce the release of polymake 3.6. This time we mainly focused on new mathematical concepts and algorithms.
In particular we now have:
  • compactifications of tropical hypersurfaces; see Kastner, Shaw and Winz, arXiv:1612.09526 (implementation by the authors)
  • tropical Voronoi diagrams; see Criado, Joswig and Santos, arXiv:1906.10950 (implementation by Paco Criado)
  • tropical convex hull computations (implementation by Georg Loho)
But there is also a considerable enhancement:
  • speed up of homology computation due to extension of interface to flint (implementation by Benjamin Lorenz and Andrew Newman)
With version 3.5 I had already announced the new JSON file format. This change is a bit involved and there has been a slight delay. So polymake 4.0 (with JSON) has been postponed to January 2020.

The Julia interface Polymake.jl will be upgraded soon.

As usual many people worked behind the scenes, e.g., Lars and Benjamin as release managers. Thanks to everyone!

Happy polymaking!

Michael Joswig and the polymake team

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