Fans, and Gfan

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Fans, and Gfan

Postby elizabeth » 15 Apr 2011, 21:47


I'm using GFan ( ... /gfan.html) and would like to open its output with polymake, which it's supposed to be set up to do. However, using the latest version available here (2.9.9) I can't; I get error "polymake: ERROR: unknown application fan". It seems that "fan" is an application of the latest svn version, but not the current beta release. I don't have user rights to access the latest svn.

As Gfan refers to having interfaced with polymake successfully in the past, when the input type was plain text rather than xml files, perhaps I'd find the fan functionality on an old version of polymake? Which would be a reasonable one to use, and where can I find it?


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