Visualizations get opened with okular

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Visualizations get opened with okular

Postby winterwind » 03 Sep 2017, 19:59

Any command that produces some visualization of a polytope (be it the ordinary VISUAL or SCHLEGEL or GALE or whatsoever) opens Okular (my default pdf viewer) instead of jReality.
However, Okular is clearly not the program of choice concerning visualization.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled polymake from source code, but the problem persists. I tried then the online threejs viewer which works fine. Yet I would like to use polymake a) offline and b) benefit from the export options of jReality.

Any idea what to do? Thanks for any help in advance.

I'm using kde neon. and have installed polymake version 3.1.


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Re: Visualizations get opened with okular

Postby gawrilow » 07 Sep 2017, 00:15

Is okular popping up even if you call jreality explicitly, e.g.

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If not, then it's just the matter of setting the preferences right:

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prefer "jreality";
or if you want to choose jReality only for 3-d visualisation but not for graphs and similar flat diagrams:

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prefer "jreality.geometry";

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