How to define range of plot?

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How to define range of plot?

Postby EFR » 13 May 2022, 22:01

Hi all!

I'm trying to make a visualization of the intersection of a 3D-fan with the hyperplane \( \{z=1\} \). I have made the following code:

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application('fan'); $p = new Polytope<Rational>(POINTS=>[[1,2,0,1],[1,1,1,0],[1,0,2,1],[1,1,0,0],[1,0,1,0],[1,0,0,2]]); $f = normal_fan<Rational>($p); $H = new Polytope<Rational>(POINTS=>[[1,-1,-1,1],[1,1,-1,1],[1,-1,1,1],[1,1,1,1]]); compose($f->VISUAL,$H->VISUAL);
However, the range of the plot of the fan is too small, so it doesn't intersect the hyperplane in the visualization. How do I define the range of the plot of a fan?

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