Fedora build challenges

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Re: Fedora build challenges

Postby gawrilow » 03 Mar 2012, 00:31

This is the last problem for now, I think. I see two undefined symbols in tropical.so. They are C++ symbols, which demangle to:

polymake::tropical::tropicalize(pm::Polynomial<pm::UniPolynomial<pm::Rational, pm::Rational>, int> const&)

polymake::tropical::pointlift(pm::Vector<pm::Rational> const&,
pm::Ring<pm::UniPolynomial<pm::Rational, pm::Rational>, int> const&)

I see that both are declared in apps/tropical/include/liftings.h, and are used in apps/tropical/src/points2hypersurface.c. But I don't see definitions for either.
Indeed, the definitions are located in a source file which has been precluded from exporting in the public distribution tarball by configuration. I've got to investigate by the authors whether they simply forgot to remove the blocking remark or still consider this code as not stable enough to be published. At any rate, the missing code will appear at the earliest in the next release; until then, please remove the files using the missing functions from your package.

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Re: Fedora build challenges

Postby jamesjer » 03 Mar 2012, 00:43

Funny enough, I could not reproduce this. Actually, the parts of the callable library depend on conf.make created by configure.pl in the working build directory, while the file being rewritten during 'make install' is its copy in the destination directory, so that they shouldn't interfere. Probably you have modified something else in the build process. If it helps you anyhow, please have a look into attached spec file I've used for OpenSUSE rpm package. Surely, it contains quite a few SUSE-specific macros, but the whole idea should be still the same.

But if nothing else helps, your fix shouldn't do any harm.
Well, I have tweaked the build system here and there to try to conform to Fedora policies. It is possible that I broke something. I'll take a look are your rpm package, probably next week due to lack of time over the next couple of days. Thank you very much for all of your help.

Jerry James

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